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Szybka wycena
Quick Valuation

you receive a report as soon as you enter the data

Różne metody
Different methods

you can choose from 1 to 3 popular methods

Atrakcyjna cena
Attractive price

process automation reduces costs

Profesjonalny raport
Professional report

you will receive a PDF with values and charts for your company

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Wycena online
Online quote :

Choose a package of 1 to 3 methods to be used, i.e. DCF, Adjusted Net Assets or another

Monitorowanie zmiean wartości
Changes monitoring :

Collect financial data and check how your company's value changes over time.

Analiza wskaźnikowa
Financial Ratios Analysis:

You will receive analysis in the form of tables and charts based on your financial data.

Memorandum inwestycyjne
Investment Memorandum

You will receive a document containing financial data, valuation results and analyses for potential investors.

Monitor the business value of your clients
and present reports


Access to knowledge

In addition to pricing, you will get access to guides:
Preparing the company for sale
Goodwill building
Valuation of companies - in theory and practice

Price list

Service functions
DCF valuation
Valuation by Adjusted Net Assets method
Comparative valuation
Mixed valuation
Financial analysis
Investment Memorandum
Types of reports 0
Active through 30 days / for Busieness ID
Sub-Accounts for different Business
You will need Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Account for min. last financial year and forecast for the next 5 years
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